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Mortar Testing & Matching


Do you need quality brick mortar repair services or products? We provide mortar matching, mortar testing, and other products and services.

The most important part in any mortar restoration is the mortar used. The replacement mortar needs to match the original mortar in mortar type and crushing pressures. We also match the color and the sand to provide a complete mortar match.

Mortar Analysis -Testing Report and Formula

Mortar Analysis  - Testing Report and Formula

  • Match the mortar type and relative crushing pressure

  • Determine grade and color of sand

  • send you a sample of your sand rinsed during analysis to compare to when picking your local sand.

  • WE will Mail you the Testing Report and Mortar Formula (This Analysis Is Not A Color Match)

  • (For Color Matching click the add to cart for this option or:  Mortar Color Matching)

How are samples tested?

  • Determine mortar type

    • Relative crushing pressure test

    • Acid reactivity

    • Weight loss after acid dissolving binders

  • Determine formula

    • Microscopic analysis

    • Based on mortar type

    • Acid reactivity

    • Weight loss

    • Examine remains after acid testing

  • Formulas and Testing are based on ASTM testing standards.

Crushing Pressure and Sand Gradation can only be approximated due to the size, age, and shapes of samples being tested.



AMR Mortar Analysis Lab - 817-366-8376

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What are the procedures for ordering  Mortar Testing?

  • Acquire 2-3 samples of mortar at least 1/2 inch in size.

  • Payment for mortar analysis (pay online)

  • Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar analysis, your name, E-Mail, job name, job address, and shipping address.

Your products will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

Most orders are processed within 1-2 days, and take 1-3 days shipping.


Acquiring a sample 

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the samples of mortar from the corners of the home or directly from one of the cracks.  Then send us the samples.




Mortar Testing

  • We offer Two types of Mortar Testing to better serve your needs.

    • Mortar Testing Report and Formula - This test is commonly used by contractors who need to match mortar types/crushing pressures and compositions for commercial and historic restorations. With this option, you will get the mortar composition testing results and a formula for making the matching mortar type.

    • Mortar Analysis/Color Matching - This test is used by home owners and contractors to make brick mortar repairs quick and easy. We perform many of the same tests for this option, but the formula is not provided nor a report sent. We collect the information from these tests required to match your mortar and apply our proprietary formulas and mortar matching system to get you a perfect mortar color match. From this formula match, we can produce bags of mortar for your project.

Order your mortar analysis and bags of pre-matched tuck point mortars and make your repairs disappear.