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Do you need quality brick mortar repair services or products? We provide mortar matching, mortar testing, and other products and services.

The most important part in any mortar restoration is the mortar used. The replacement mortar needs to match the original mortar in mortar type and crushing pressures. We also match the color and the sand to provide a complete mortar match.

Matching Existing Mortar

Matching Historic Existing Mortar

Matching brick mortar is the most important part of masonry repair but is often the least point of focus. It is often assumed that if the color is matched fairly close, that the mortar is matched. This couldn't be farther from the truth. To match something implies that it matches exactly and in every way. The same must be true of matching mortar.

When matching mortar for repointing, it is important to match the mortar composition. The composition of mortar will determine the way a mortar performs. This will determine the water absorption/deflection, compressive strength, and flexural strength of the mortar, and in turn, will determine if the repair mortar will bond to the existing mortar or carry the load bearing on the mortar. The base composition also effects the color of mortar. Failure to match the composition of the original mortar will make it nearly impossible to get an accurate color match for the repair mortar, and will likely crumble or cause deflection of the brick faces. When mortar is not properly matched to the composition of the existing mortar, is tends to cause more damage to the masonry than was present before the repairs.

How to Match Mortar

The only way to match mortar is through mortar analysis. By testing samples of old mortar, you can determine the composition of old mortars and how they perform. Then you can make a mortar that matches the formula of the existing mortar composition and adjust the color tones to a perfect mortar color match.

During testing, you will find the amounts of Portland, Lime, and Sand used in the existing mortar, and the color, and size of graded particles of the sand. You will also find sealers, pigments, or dirt and contaminates or fines in the mortar that can effect the color or performance of the mortar. All of these details will effect the color, texture, performance, and appearance of the repair mortar, and will determine the durability of the repairs.

Mortar Matching Services

We get asked all of the time what the big secret is to mortar matching. Well, the biggest secret to matching mortar is that most masonry repair companies don't match mortar. They guess and hope that you don't know the difference. However, for us the big secret to match any mortar is knowledge and patience. We patiently test mortar samples and collect every bit of data we can about the mortar. We analyze the testing results and find the basic mortar match, and then slowly adjust and test the results of adding pigments or other admixtures to the formula until we get a formula for matching mortar perfectly. This process can take hours to day to complete, and is not reliable to limit the available time to a few minutes out on location during the process of repair. "Quality cannot be rushed." - (James Nech)

Mortar Analysis-Color Match

Mortar Matching Repair  Each Match Is Physically Tested and Confirmed.  Custom Matching Brick Mortar

*Requires Pre-Matched Mortars

  • Most repair projects only use 2 boxes of mortar.

Order your mortar analysis and bags of pre-matched tuck point mortars and make your repairs disappear.

Mortar Matching Analysis


Mortar Analysis - Color Match

  • Match the mortar type and crushing pressure

  • Determine grade and color of sand

  • Match the tone of white to grey
  • Match dye and stain colors
  • Guaranteed Mortar Color Match

    Or:  Mortar Testing Report and Formula.

    How are samples tested?

    • Determine mortar type (optional)

      • Relative crushing pressure test

      • Acid reactivity

      • Weight loss after acid dissolving binders

    • Determine formula

      • Based on mortar type

      • Acid reactivity

      • Weight loss

      • Examine remains after acid testing

    • Formulas and Testing are based on ASTM testing standards.

    • Determine Mortar Color


  • send you a sample of your sand rinsed during analysis to compare to when picking your local sand.

  • check for known contaminates in your mortar

Crushing Pressure and Sand Gradation can only be approximated due to the size, age, and shapes of samples being tested.



Certified Mortar Match 



Pre-Matched Mortars (Click for more information)

  • Pre-Matched Mortars are custom made for your project making repairs easy, accurate, and efficient.

  • Order bags of mortar mix pre-matched to your formula.

  • Just add your local sand and water.

Each box contains 2 bags of mortar.


$70.00 Per Box Pre-Matched Mortars 




What are the procedures for ordering Pre-Matched Mortars and Mortar Analysis?

  • Acquire 2-3 samples of mortar at least 1/2 inch in size.

  • Payment for mortar analysis

    • add analysis to cart and return to page to order the pre-matched mortars.

  • Payment for bags of mortar

  • Package: Samples in a bag, a copy of receipt for mortar analysis, number of bags ordered, your name, job name, job address, and shipping address.

Your products will be shipped to you within 5-10 business days.
Some delays may occur with large orders or volume of orders being processed.

Most orders are processed within 1-2 days, and take 1-3 days shipping.


Acquiring a sample 

Use a hammer and chisel to remove the samples of mortar from the corners of the home or directly from one of the cracks.  Then send us the samples.

AMR certifies that the formula produced for matching your mortar will match your existing mortar in general crushing pressure and color making the repairs more durable, more accurate, and virtually invisible upon completion. (Mold and mildew may need to re-grow naturally.)


Don't guess at your mortar match. Get it certified and lab tested.

What if I need more bags?

  • Your order is kept on file with the formula. Simply place your order for more mix, and refer us to the previous order placed. We will need your name (company), and job name/ address to pull up the file.

Each formula is guaranteed to match (within a reasonable tone) in the color and texture to the samples provided from your home. Mold and Mildew may need to re-grow in the pores to complete the match. This part of natural aging we cannot recreate because these tones vary around your home and change throughout the year.

Most mortar matches are not visible immediately upon drying.


AMR Labs is dedicated to providing quality brick and mortar repair products and services. Among these Services, we offer mortar analysis and mortar testing. These are part of our mortar matching services.

Matching the mortars type and crushing pressure are vital for several reasons. The most important reason is that improper mortar will not bond to the original mortar in the joints correctly. If the mortar is too hard, it will deflect and often causes damage to the bricks. If the mortar is too soft, it tends to crumble or deteriorate and is often unable to carry the weight of the brick. Both of these, allow recracking and can cause additional damage or danger of falling brick or walls.

Mortar matching is achieved through a number of tests of samples from your mortar. The first test in our mortar analysis is a crushing pressure test to determine the mortar type. Different mortar types will crush at higher pressures. At this point, your crushed mortar sample is washed through a hydrochloric test from which we derive various details about your mortar including the color and gradation of the sand used. Only after we have obtained all of these details about your mortar, can we even begin to match the color of your mortar.

There are many masonry products available on the market for new construction, and many companies who try to use them for repair. This simply cannot work. These products come in grey and white and require full package consumption at time of use to achieve the labeled mortar type. When small portions of these bags are used to blend a matching mortar color, there is no way to know how much of the portland or lime that make the mix are being used. This makes the resulting mortar type unknown. This is why we mix from the base units to create a matching mortar. It is the only way to know what type of mortar and crushing pressure is being created.

With this starting point, we match the grey tone of your mortar to our color charts, and begin adjusting pigments as needed.

After, your mortar color is matched, AMR Labs can produce custom bags of pre-matched brick repair mortar for your brick repair project.

We have put together many brick repair training tools to help you complete the brick repairs around your home. Among these are "The Brick Repair Guide" and various brick and mortar repair training videos.