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Mortar Testing & Matching Services Price Guide

We offer many types of mortar testing.

You can send samples of hardened mortar for testing to us at the following address.

AMR Labs
1525 Corona Dr.
Granbury, TX 76048


AMR Labs is dedicated to matching mortar.
This is why we offer various forms of matching mortar including mortar analysis, mortar testing, sand analysis, mortar composition testing, and custom mortar color matching.


Mortar Matching and testing Services

AMR Mortar Matching/Testing Services
The average turn around time for all mortar matching or mortar testing services is about 1-2 weeks.
We need a few pieces of mortar or about a cup of mortar for testing. Color matches are best if we get some surface samples.
You can send a check with mortar samples for testing or make a payment online using PayPal for all credit card payments.
Downloads must be purchased online and separate from other services.
Prices listed are per sample tested.
Crumbled mortar samples are ok. We can still test and match them.


Confirm Order and Check-Out              

Rush Processing $150.00        


Testing & Matching Mortar


Mortar Color Matching

Mortar Matching
Custom match the mortar color for a specific mortar type with known sand and crushing pressure or add this match to a composition analysis for $150. 00. or for a basic match, you can add a crushing analysis to this test.

$150.00/match mortar color

Mortar Composition Testing/Analysis & Matching Mortar Formula

Mortar Composition Testing/Analysis
Analyze samples of existing mortar and match their original mortar composition formula and ratio of binder materials and sand. The composition analysis provides a detailed mortar formula and a cleaned sample of sand with the testing report for $350.00

Mortar Testing $350/Sample

Sand Sieve Analysis
The sand analysis provides detailed information about the original sand used. This includes a gradation analysis of the sand particle sizes, color description of particles, and identifies the shapes of sand particles used. Through this analysis, we are able to provide recommendations of quarried sand or river sand particle distributions.
Add this test to the composition analysis testing to get a more detailed composition formula with more information about the original sand used in the mortar mix and the ratios of graded particle sizes for $150.00.

$150/Sieve Analysis

Brick Testing-Crushing Test of Bricks or Mortar

Compressive Strength Testing
Compressive strength testing costs $150 and can be used for testing masonry units, mortar, or added to a color match for a basic mortar type match.

Masonry Unit Testing          $150.00

Brick Mortar Repair Products


Custom Matched Brick Repair Mortar

Custom Brick Repair Mortar
With the mortar formula provide from testing, we produce custom brick repair mortars. Each box costs $70.00 and contains two 1-gallon bags of mortar mix. You will need to add local sand and water.


Brick and Mortar Repair Training-How to repair cracks in brick walls

Brick Repair Training
Brick repair training products are downloads and must be purchased separate from the other products or services to ensure the proper download page.
We offer brick repair training videos and a DIY brick repair manual to assist you in performing masonry repair. To learn more about our brick repair training products, click Brick Repair Guide.


The Brick Repair Guide  Brick Repair Guide




(Click each for more information)

Firebox Repair Video                 Firebox Repair Video Brick Repair Video Brick Replacement Video Mixing Mortar Video

Brick Repair Video

Brick Replacement Video

Mixing Mortar Video

Get all of the videos


Get The Brick Repair Guide and All of the training videos in one package for $42.95.