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Mortar Testing & Matching Services

We offer many types of mortar testing.

You can send samples of hardened mortar for testing to us at the following address.

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1525 Corona Dr.
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AMR Labs is dedicated to matching mortar.
This is why we offer various forms of matching mortar including mortar analysis, mortar testing, sand analysis, mortar composition testing, and custom mortar color matching.


Matching Existing Mortar

AMR Mortar Matching Services
Learn more about the mortar matching, testing, and brick mortar repair products and services AMR Labs has to offer.

Mortar Matching
Learn about matching mortar color for repointing and repairing mortar.

Mortar Analysis
When you are needing to identify the properties of mortar or the composition formula or ratio of existing mortar, you will need a more detailed mortar analysis. This is more than a simple color match of the existing mortar.

Mortar Testing
During analysis, mortar samples are tested for their compressive strength, visual analysis under magnification, acid digestion, weight loss, and a visual or sieve analysis of the sand gradation and particles. This is all part of the mortar composition testing.

Historic Mortar Testing and Matching
Learn more about historic lime mortars and how they are matched through mortar analysis and testing.

Mortar Repair Products

Custom Brick Repair Mortar
Through testing and matching brick mortar, we determine the mortar composition formula and color matching and are able to make custom brick repair mortar to the formula provided, or you can follow the formula and produce the matching mortar on location.

DIY Brick Repair Guide
Learn step by step how to repair and repoint mortar cracks and replace damaged bricks with The Brick Repair Guide, our DIY masonry repair handbook.

Brick Repair Kit
Build your own brick repair kit with our list of training products, custom mortar mix, and mortar matching/analysis services.






Brick Repair Dallas Fort Worth
Dallas Fort Worth area is an industry leader for the volume of masonry repairs performed each day. Learn more about brick repair in Dallas/Fort Worth.