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We offer brick mortar matching services.

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AMR Labs is dedicated to matching mortar for brick repair.
This is why we offer various forms of matching mortar including mortar analysis, mortar testing, sand analysis, mortar composition testing, and custom mortar color matching.


Brick Repair in Dallas & Fort Worth

Brick Repair Dallas / Brick Repair Fort Worth


Brick Repair Dallas/Fort Worth

Across the nation, brick repair services are used daily to fix brick mortar cracks, mortar deterioration, and replace broken bricks. This is very true in the Dallas/Fort Worth areas of Texas. In fact, the Dallas Fort Worth area is an industry leader for the volume of brick repair projects repaired daily. This is due to the number of homes in the area, the number of houses selling locally, the movement in house foundations and the foundation repair needs, and the number of brick repair contractors who specialize in mortar repair and matching mortar.

Dallas/Fort Worth Masonry Repair
However, the Dallas/Fort Worth area is also among the lowest in quality control for masonry repair. With the high demand for brick repair service in Dallas/Fort Worth, there has been a huge increase in the number of masonry repair companies, but with no quality control to regulate them, most of these brick repair companies are not qualified to repair mortar. Anyone can get into this business, and many have without the knowledge or understanding of masonry and how to repair it right.
While the installation of new brick and mortar is simple enough for most people to perform correctly without formal training, there are issues that occur in the mixing of mortar, matching of mortar, and installation of mortar that are below standard.

Mixing Brick Mortar
Mixing brick mortar requires mixing known portions of binder materials and sand in proper ratio for the specified mortar type for 7 minutes to fully mix the mortar. In Dallas Fort Worth, the common practice for mixing mortar for brick repair uses unknown proportions of sand and binder materials. This happens due to how the mortar colors are matched.

Mortar Matching for Brick Repair

Matching Existing Brick Mortar
When using premixed bags of mortar in less than full packages and mixing them to match mortar color for brick repair, the formula of the mortar mix is broken, and in turn the ratio of binder materials is changed. This leaves the proportions unknown. Many brick repair companies in Dallas and Fort Worth use this method to match mortar.
Matching existing brick mortar for repair can only be done with known proportions of each binder in the mortar mix. This is why it requires the formula for the mortar type and mixing from the base ingredients and not a prepackaged bag of mortar. If you are not sure of the mortar type and formula, mortar testing is available to determine the mortar composition, mortar type, and mortar formula for matching.

Brick Mortar Repair Services in Dallas/Fort Worth

Installation and Repair of Brick Mortar in Dallas/Fort Worth
Installation of mortar has certain guidelines to ensure the quality of the mortar or repair. These deal with the temperature and weather conditions during and after installation of the mortar. Temperatures must be 36 degrees and rising before installing mortar and installation should stop when temperatures are 38 degrees and falling. Mortar should be used during temperatures of the mortar that are above 38 degrees and below 80 degrees, and re-temping or lowering the temperature of the mortar after exceeding 80 degrees is not recommended and in some cases not permitted.
Most brick repair services in Dallas and Fort Worth don't really have a problem with the cold weather installation guidelines as it don't get that cold often and when it does, they don't want to be out in the weather. Dallas/Fort Worth masonry repair companies do however have problems with the high mortar temperatures. Mortars that are hot setup more rapidly and tend to be softer or crumble. This is a big problem in Dallas/Fort Worth due to the extreme summer heat.
Local brick repair contractors see their mortar getting stiff and add water and mix the mortar again to keep it useable, but without an understanding that this process is called re-temping the mortar as it adjusts the mortar temperature lower. This is a problem because part of the chemical reaction that bonds the mortar together has already taken place and it can make the mortar crumble.


Dallas Fort Worth Brick Repair

Brick Repair Services in Dallas/Fort Worth
There are only a few brick repair companies in Dallas/Fort Worth that have the experience and knowledge needed to provide these services. These few brick repair companies take the time to match the mortar through composition testing, compressive strength testing, and mortar matching to get a complete mortar formula for matching all aspects of the mortar and ensure a lasting repair. Then these brick repair services order or make custom tuckpointing mortar for the masonry repair that is mixed from base ingredients and in small usable portions specifically for repairing mortar joints.
We have a number of brick repair services and brick repair products available to assist. Among them are mortar testing, mortar matching, custom brick repair mortars, DIY brick repair training videos, and The Brick Repair Guide. With these brick repair products and services, you can assist your masonry contractor of choice or even perform the masonry repointing yourself.

DIY Brick Repair Products Dallas/Fort Worth

DIY Masonry Repair Products
AMR Labs provides a few DIY masonry repair products that include tuckpoint mortars that are prematched to your mortar repair, brick repair training videos, and a DIY brick repair guide. These masonry repair products are designed to help you complete quality mortar repair like a professional brick mason.
In fact, many masonry restoration contractors across the nation use our mortar matching services, custom pointing mortars, and our training videos and brick repair guide.

Custom Matched Brick Repair Mortar
Our custom matched brick repair mortar or pre-matched tuckpointing mortar mix is custom blended to match the formula of your existing mortar. As needed, mortar composition testing may be required to determine the mortar composition formula of the original mortar before color matching is possible, then bags of custom mortar mix can be made for your brick repair or you can use the formula to make your own repointing mortar mix.

Brick Repair Cost

Brick Repair Mortar Costs
The cost of brick repair mortar is $75 per box of pre-matched mortar. Each box of brick repair mortar contains 2 one gallon bags of custom tuckpoint mortar mix.
Custom brick repair mortars require a formula for matching, and may require having the mortar analyzed and a mortar color match.
Composition analysis costs $350 to get the base mortar formula for the mortar type determined, and color matching is an additional $150. If you already know the mortar type/formula, you will only need the color portion of mortar matching ($150).
Each bag of brick repair mortar mixes with about 2.5 gallons sand and about a gallon of water to produce approximately 4 gallons of pointing mortar for your masonry repair. 1-2 boxes are generally enough for most brick repair projects.

Brick Repair Training

DIY Brick Repair Guide
Learning to fix brick mortar cracks has never been so easy. It could take years of guided training on multiple jobsites to learn how to repair cracks in brick walls. Well, that was before The Brick Repair Guide. This masonry repair manual is the complete training book written by James Nech after many years of experience training masonry repair crews how to repair mortar cracks and replace damaged bricks. It guides you through all of the tools needed for repairing mortar cracks, and step-by-step through the process of brick repair. This DIY training manual is the complete guide to brick repair and is used by brick masons across the country for training their crews, and has helped many homeowners across the nation to repoint damaged mortar and replace cracked bricks and tile.

The Brick Repair Guide  Brick Repair Guide

DIY Brick Repair Training Videos
The perfect compliment to our DIY brick repair guide are these training videos. These DIY brick repair training videos provide a visual instruction of how to fix mortar cracks in brick, replace broken bricks, repair firebox cracks, and how to mix mortar. They are available as a complete set with a copy of The Brick Repair Guide for easy reference as you perform your masonry repairs.

DIY Brick Repair Kit
Build your own brick repair kit by selecting what you need and adding them to your cart. If you need the brick repair guide or training videos, you need to order these downloads (or the package download) separately so PayPal can forward you to the correct page for downloading your copy.
In addition to the brick repair training products, we recommend mortar testing, mortar matching, and custom matched mortar to complete your DIY brick repair kit.