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Repointing Brick

Pointing brick to fix cracked brick mortar, replace deteriorated bricks and mortar, or change mortar color, is a very detail oriented project, but it can be easy to repoint cracks in brick mortar if you have the right guide to learn the best way to repoint brickwork. A good guide to fixing brick mortar cracks should provide detailed instruction on how to repoint brick, how to mix mortar for pointing, how to match mortar, and have a list of repointing tools needed to complete the repairs. In our brick repair guide, you will find all of this and more.

How to repoint brick

In our brick repair guide, we explain from start to finish how to repoint brick. In pointing brickwork, there are some basics that you need to know before learning how to repoint brick. These include knowledge of each of the repointing tools needed for the repair of mortar cracks, the most common causes of mortar joint cracks and where they occur, how to match mortar and where to get materials, how to mix mortar for repointing brickwork, locating matching brick for the repair, tooling or jointing mortar, how to remove and replace broken bricks and damaged mortar, and finally step-by-step instructions of how to repoint a brick wall.

Repointing Tools - how to repoint brick

It is important to understand the tools needed for repointing brickwork in detail. You need to know what they look like, and how each tool is used.

Causes of Cracks in Mortar Joints - how to repoint brick

Before you can learn how to repoint brick mortar cracks, you need to understand what causes the cracks and where to find them. With an understanding of why mortar cracks in particular spots, you can repair the mortar cracks and their cause to prevent more cracks in the brick mortar.

Matching Mortar for Pointing Brickwork - how to repoint brick

Matching mortar is one of the hardest parts of learning how to repoint brick mortar cracks, and knowing where to get your materials for mixing mortar. We can help you with both of these. AMR Labs provides mortar matching services and produces custom bags of pointing mortar mix.

How to Mix Mortar for Brick - how to repoint brick

How to make mortar for repointing brickwork is a little tricky, but is easy. We have included details of exactly how to mix mortar for brick including how to get the mortar to water mix ratio and quantity of cement and sand for mortar correct without adding too much water or not enough mortar mix per the sand ratio.

Locating Matching Brick - how to repoint brick

Locating old, rare, or hard to find antique bricks for matching brick for repointing can be near impossible if you don't know where to look. For this reason, there is a complete section of the brick repair guide devoted to matching brick and locating replacement bricks to match the existing brick.

Jointing Mortar - how to repoint brick

This book would not be successful in teaching you how to repoint brick mortar cracks if it didn't explain how to joint mortar between bricks. Jointing mortar changes many factors about the brick mortar joint including the shape, water penetration, appearance of the repair, and even how the mortar bonds. Improperly jointing mortar can cause the mortar to crumble out, or show the edges of the repair. This is why we go into great detail in this section.

How to Remove and Replace Broken Bricks and Damaged Mortar - how to repoint brick

In learning how to repoint brickwork and fix mortar cracks, it is essential to know how to remove and replace broken bricks and cracked or damaged mortar. Re pointing brickwork wouldn't be necessary if you had no damage to the bricks and mortar. This section will explain what tools to use and how to use them to remove and replace bricks and mortar.

Brick Pointing

For more information about our guide to brick pointing, or to order the brick repair guide to repointing mortar, click How to repoint a brick wall.



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